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HP3 Premiere
The premiere for HP3: The Final Encounter will be on Friday October 1, 2004 at the UTM MSA Welcome back dinner. Click here for details.

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A feedback form has been added to let you send your comments to us directly thru our website. Click here to send us your feedback.

Auditioning for HP3
For those who would like to be part of this work, which with the mercy of Allah is becoming very famous, please e-mail us at

HP: The Short Picture

The Original movie is up.

05 /11/2003
HP2: Domination

The sound-track for HP2 is up. Check it out in the movies section.




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Halaqa Police III: The Final Encounter


HP3: The Final Encounter is the last episode in the Halaqa Police trilogy. It was premiered October 1st 2004 at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

A Halaqa Police DVD containing all three episodes including interviews with the production team will be released hopefully by December 2004. Unlike the first two episodes, HP3 will NOT be released online, but will be available only on the Halaqa Police DVD. Although a trailer for HP3 will go up on this website soon.


Halaqa Police II: Domination

This 15 minute short film develops the story of the Halaqa Police. In it you will find what it means to be part of the Halaqa Police as well who they are up against.

Download [99 MB, 15 min, Real Video, with Sound]

Halaqa Police: The Short Picture

The first venture into the world of short film production by the Easy Fatwa Entertainment Group. This 4 minute short looks into the life of those who ensure good attendance at halaqas.

Download [10.2 MB, 4 min, Real Video, with Sound]

For high quality copies, contact us here. Copies are sold for a very small fee to support future works.

Halaqa Police II: Sound-track

This rap song was written, recorded and produced especially for HP2 by some amazingly talented group of UTM MSA brothers.

Download [4.3 MB, 4.33 min, MP3]

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